Kim March


Based in Perth WA, Kim is an ardent advocate for realising potential through understanding the fields of bioenergetics and magnetic therapies.

She has a passion for using assessment tools that analyse the body's information field and it's access to the unified field. Using this data coupled with leading edge field mapping tools, Kim has achieved remarkable results with her clients.

Kim has a unique ability to troubleshoot areas of concern that appear to be unresolvable.  For many clients, she has been the last port of call. Striving to design a game plan to reclaim health and happiness. Her practical, pragmatic and direct approach helps her clients to achieve new levels of energy for life.​

"It's been such a rollercoaster ride these last couple of months have been an absolute gift. Time spent with Kim has been so encouraging and really increased my faith to know that things can and do get better."                                                                                                  Stu (33) - Tradesman

Frontier science proves that there is a regulating Body-Field of energy and information that operates in the physical body at the subcellular level. At NES Health, we call this the Human Body-Field and we have researched its functions and structures for more than 30 years.

In that time we have discovered that the root causes of physical problems are distortions and blockages in the Body-Field, which serves
as a master control system for all physiological function. The harmonious interactions of the components that comprise our BioEnergetiX WellNES System correct these distortions, so the Body-Field can more easily and naturally return to optimum function.

NES Health leads the world in bioenergetics: the study, detection and flow of energy in living systems.