What is the BioEnergetix System?

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Step One - Scan

A bioenergetic scan provides a personal map of your bodyfield (information field). It shows distortions that need rectifying, giving you the ability to accurately make corrections to your energy field by returning a detailed overview of your bodyfield, including multiple screens and physiologically accurate graphics accessible by your own sign-on.

"My scan showed trauma from a loss of blood through childbirth, 25 years ago.

That blew my mind."

SA (aged 61) Grandmother & Author

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Step Two - Unblock

Using proven PEMF and biofeedback technology, the miHealth clears pathways for information to flow through the body properly, providing immediate support.

The scanning software pinpoints the location to best place the device for maximum results and recommends any necessary infoceuticals (see step three).

Step Three - Imprint

Infoceuticals are proprietary liquid remedies encoded with bio-information designed to correct imbalances of our bodyfield - the energetic blueprint of the physical body.

They are recommended on the basis of your unique BioEnergetix Wellness Scan results and interact directly with the human bodyfield to support proper information flow.

The easy-to-follow protocol includes instructions for each priority infoceutical, as well as the number of drop to use. And of course, Kim will be on-hand to guide you.